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Yogi's Gift

Neem oil 4 oz - Cold pressed, 100% Pure and Organic

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  • ā˜… 4 šØš®š§šœšž of 100% Pure Neem oil. šˆš­ š¢š¬ š§šØš«š¦ššš„ šŸšØš« š§šžšžš¦ šØš¢š„ š­šØ š šžš­ šœš«šžššš¦š² ššš­ š„šØš° š­šžš¦š©šžš«ššš­š®š«šž. šˆš¦š¦šžš«š¬šž š­š”šž š›šØš­š­š„šž š¢š§ š°ššš«š¦ š°ššš­šžš« š­šØ š­š®š«š§ š¢š­ š¢š§š­šØ š„š¢šŖš®š¢š.
  • ā˜… š‚šØš„š-š©š«šžš¬š¬šžš: We offer pure Neem oil that is cold pressed from wildcrafted neem seeds. The cold press ensures that the nutrients remain intact on the oil.
  • ā˜… šŸšŸŽšŸŽ% šš®š«šž ššžšžš¦ šØš¢š„: This pack contains neem oil only. There are no other ingredients added
  • ā˜… š•šžš«š¬ššš­š¢š„šž š®š¬šžš¬: Use neem oil on hair and skin to reap the goodness
  • ā˜…šš«šØšš®šœš­ šØšŸ šˆš§šš¢šš:Best neem is cultivated in India. This pack contains neem oil manufactured in India