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Activated Charcoal Powder Food Grade 10 oz | Perfect Particle Size for Smoothies, Teeth Whitening, Facial Mask | Coconut Shells Based | by Yogi's Gift Ā®

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      • ā˜… š€šœš­š¢šÆššš­šžš šœš”ššš«šœšØššš„ š©šØš°ššžš« šŸšØš« š­šžšžš­š” : Stained or yellowed teeth from caffeine, wine or seafood can be cleaned with activated coconut charcoal powder as it has high impurity absorbing properties. Coconut whitening charcoal powder helps restore the pH balance of the mouth. Using it on teeth regularly can whiten and clean them. Active coconut charcoal powder also prevents cavities, bleeding gums and bad breath.
      • ā˜… š€š§š­š¢-ššš š¢š§š  š›šØšš² ššžš­šØš± š¬šØš„š®š­š¢šØš§ : Activated charcoal invariably benefits key organs as it helps your body flush out the toxins and chemicals that cause various damages to your skin and health. Drink a solution of 20 grams of Activated Charcoal Powder Coconut mixed in a glass of water everyday. You can drink this in small amounts over the day, in between meals. If you do this religiously for two weeks, you will see an immense change in your body.
      • ā˜… š‚šØšœšØš§š®š­ šœš”ššš«šœšØššš„ š©šØš°ššžš« š¦š¢š§š¢š¦š¢š³šžš¬ š©šØš«šžš¬ : By keeping pores clean and free of dirt and oil, it also helps minimize their appearance. This is especially important for oily skins who are more susceptible to a buildup of excessive oil on the skin. If your skin has a bumpy, uneven texture, active charcoal powder could be the trick to smoothing it out!
      • ā˜… šŒššš¤šžš¬ š²šØš®š« šŸšššœšž šžšÆšžš§-š­šØš§šžš : Applying activated coconut charcoal powder face mask effectively removes most of the impurities accumulated within the layers of skin. Over time, this repeated action gives you a smooth, even-toned skin.
      • ā˜… š’šØššš© š¦ššš¤š¢š§š  : Prepare healthy homemade soap with Activated charcoal Coconut powder. You can add activated coconut charcoal powder in preparation of homemade soaps and face masks. It helps to provide a clean wash to your skin making it feel refreshed!