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Yogi's Gift

Yogi's Gift Organic Indigo Powder for Hair dye | Ideal for Black and Dark Hair | Indigofera Tinctoria | Black Henna | 100 g (3.5 Oz) | Organic Natural Hair color

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  • ★ Organic: Yogi's Gift offers the best Vegan Hair dye in the form of Organic Indigo powder. 100% Indigo leaves powder. Zero Chemicals. The Indigo leaves are washed, sun dried and powdered. Indigo leaves is the only ingredient
  • ★ High Indigotin: Indigotin is the natural dye that is found in the Indigo leaves powder. It helps in colouring the hair. Our Indigo powder is lab tested and found to have more than 50% of Indigotin
  • ★ Avoid Allergy: Now stay cool by choosing Yogi's Gift natural hair colouring solution. We offer 100% Pure Indigo powder for hair coloring.
  • ★ Natural Color: Pure Indigo powder for hair provides stunning natural colour. Indigo powder is ideal for applying on Dark hair.
  • ★ Trusted Seller: We are a globally trusted supplier of Indigo powder and other herbal products. Our products are 100% Natural and we export it to 42 countries.